There are several important things you can do to help, even if you are not a Torrance resident:

  • Donate to the Go Fund Me page, Sign the Petition, Subscribe to the website

  • Write letters and emails to Torrance City Council opposing the project and questioning the neighborhood impacts - environmental, traffic, noise, health & safety. (Sample letters & contacts are on the Links & References page)

  • Attend your resident city council meetings and express how important it is to you that your city protect its residents from a project like this.

  • Purchase signs and help generate media exposure.

  • Join Save Our Neighborhood, circulate petitions & the website to friends/neighbors. 

  • Understand the public safety impacts of the project - Diatomaceous earth is a Group 4 carcinogen, and respirable silica contained in it is a Group 1 carcinogen.

  • ​Understand the environmental impacts of the project - Hazardous chemicals benzene and toluene have been found in the pit and others are suspected due to dumping on this site in the '50s, '60's and '70's.